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Evangelization and the Election

Growing up Catholic I always thought that the word “evangelization” was a negative word that was associated with Jehovah’s witnesses knocking on the door. Our response? Run and hide! But I have realized lately that I have a whole new outlook on evangelization, and that hopefully I am practicing it  – both through being on the RCIA (Right of Christian Initiation of Adults) team at my church and writing modern-day Bible stories – and that we are all called  – rather, I believe, compelled as disciples to evangelize today.  In my novel, The Peace Maker, I write about a presidential election featuring two candidates – one of whom is clearly God’s candidate – the one who champions the “right to life” and keeps God in America. I believe Mitt Romney comes closest to this candidate. Spread the Word. Take a stand. This election is about more than the economy. How would God want us to vote as Christians?


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Year of Faith

The Catholic Church is proclaiming that we are now in the “Year of Faith.” Thought it was a good time to mention that my novel, “The Faithful One,” would make a great read during this time – since it is all about holding onto our faith, no matter what life throws our way. (The Year of Faith officially started yesterday, October 11, but I was crazy busy preparing for my Keynote Address to the lovely ladies at the Chamber of Commerce Women into Networking event! Which, by the way, was outstanding!) And then off to watch the vice-presidential debate (raised the issues of the “right to life” and abortion in a US presidential election – which my new novel “The Peace Maker” addresses!) Both now available – just sayin’!  🙂

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Just in Time! Respect Life/Domestic Abuse Awareness

My new book The Peace Maker has just been published (my copies arrived yesterday!) and I am proud to say that in it I address critical issues that not only I believe are “in our face” more than ever as Christians and as voters – but what the Catholic Church and many Christian Churches are also actively promoting as urgent: October is both “Respect Life” and “Domestic Abuse Awareness” Month.  While the economy and the Middle East continue to dominate this election, voters can’t ignore that they will have a choice to vote for the “Right to Life” of the unborn. In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus holds a child in his lap and says “whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me,” and “See that you do not despise one of these little ones…”; what a powerful statement on behalf of the Right to Life! Further, the Church states that “Violence against women, inside or outside the home, is never justified. Violence in any form, physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal, is sinful.” I hope that by writing “The Peace Maker” I will help shed another ray of light on these important issues – and hopefully it comes just in time to help voters search their hearts in the upcoming election and God Bless!


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