Don’t Give Up…

It is a hard day for all of us who felt like we lost the battle…for religious freedom, for the right to life, against government oppression. In other words, we lost the election. But because I believe God truly does have a plan, instead of questioning “then God, why would you let this man Barack Hussein Obama win again when he is clearly persecuting Catholic Christians (and who knows what else is around the bend?),” I’ve realized instead that perhaps God is testing us – like he did Job in the Bible and likewise, Seth Jacobs in my novel “The Faithful One”  – to stand firm in our beliefs and to look ahead and realize we will win the “war”.  I know for me this election has been a time to rally in my faith and to realize what my convictions are – and now, going forward, particularly in this “year of faith,” to stand firm despite who’s in office. So instead of being depressed and saddened, I think we need to try to be positive and know that this is a time to be further “motivated” by God!



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