Thankful = Joyful

The season for gratitude is upon us…and I for one have so many blessings for which to be truly thankful. I could complain about the cold weather (not a big fan), working my day job while my dream of writing continues to churn within, struggling with my still new, small publisher as they face growing pains, dealing with my blended family of five kids, not having enough time in the day to do what I want to do, much less what I need to do. Or…I could be thankful…for living in a free country and experiencing the change of seasons, for a job that pays my bills, for having two novels published and getting good reviews, for five healthy children who are smart, beautiful and loving, for having today to write this message, for my husband who is so supportive, for friends who stand by me no matter what…the list could go on. Which one of these attitudes will make me happier? (Not a tough question really).  I believe we can be joyful to the extent that we are grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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  1. Denise Ross


    I have not gotten to your book yet which is disappointing. I will read over Christmas when I can relax and enjoy it! How have you been doing?


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