If the world ends tomorrow…

I was invited to be a “guest blogger” on SeriouslyWrite.blogspot.com (a website for postings by Christian authors); here is a sample of my blog (posted in its entirety on SeriouslyWrite.blogspot.com)

This is a time of year famous for reflecting back on the year(s) past. Perhaps, it is more poignant today with tomorrow’s predicted “End of the World” according to the Mayan calendar. Now I don’t really believe that’s going to happen. Of course, I have no idea – only God knows for sure. But if it did…I would be grateful for the following:
–          Having my two novels, The Faithful One and The Peace Maker, published by a Christian publisher. More than that, for having found my true purpose in life, in being led by my Creator to write inspirational fiction;
–          Marrying my best friend Bill Chynoweth in October, 2010 and raising our “blended” family –my children Will (22), Mike (20) and Kendra (16) and his children Morgan (16) and Bobby (14). Now four of the five live with us (!) Stressful and challenging? Yes. Rewarding? Definitely, when I allow myself to see it;
–          My wonderful readers – and all of the new friends I’ve made on my writing journey;
–          And I would even be grateful for all of the hardships and painful times in my life…because all of these have given me something to write about, something to share with readers to give them some hope and extend how faith really works if you believe.

This past weekend I watched the Connecticut school tragedy on the news and the movie, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” with Steve Carrell and Keira Knightley. They both made me think that the world and what happens in it often don’t make sense. Like Job (and Seth Jacobs in my novel, The Faithful One, we can often find ourselves questioning God: “Why me?” or “Why do bad things happen to good people?” And, as God answers, most often it is beyond our mere human comprehension, and we can only comfort ourselves by realizing we have to turn our will and lives over to His care and just have faith in His plan.

Both shows made me also realize that we have to count each day as precious and really be present to those around us, because it is these special times – often unexpected, when you’re open to them – that become fond memories. (For example, when two of my teenage kids actually had fun for a few hours finding and decorating the Christmas tree two weeks ago.)

This past weekend, however, I found myself so busy in the “trappings” of Christmas (cards, shopping, wrapping), that I couldn’t concentrate on what was really important (God, family, friends). That made me wake up sad Monday morning. I realized I had spent hardly any time with my husband and children. So I think I’ll go home tonight and hug them all and tell them I love them – and hopefully spend some quality time with them – because you just never know how much time we have left.DSCN1078



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2 responses to “If the world ends tomorrow…

  1. Carol C

    A very moving writing- you express yourself so well. One of my blessings is having you in my life. Hugs, Carol


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