New Year’s Resolution

100_2074This year I am doing something I’ve never done before in the way of New Year’s Resolutions, having learned my lesson from years past. On Jan. 1, 2012, I made a New Year’s Resolution to “give up drama.” (!) Again, be careful what you wish for! 2012 was full of drama for me! But all of those challenges that I saw as drama, I can fortunately see now are opportunities for growth and blessings in the long run.  They included my two step-children and my 20-year-old son moving in to live with us – within days of each other! (and now we have 4, ages 14-20). They included our dog causing a flood (and $25,000 in damages, luckily most of which was covered by insurance) – which, although it took all summer, gave us a new kitchen and bathroom that made the house more “ours”. And our dog having emergency surgery on Christmas morning – which somehow bonded the kids to her even more (and I’ll admit, me too). They also included my first novel The Faithful One being re-published as Christian fiction and “birthing” my second novel, The Peace Maker (and yes, it was that painful – and rewarding!). I recently watched the movie “Evan Almighty” with Steve Carrell as a modern-day Noah in which God (Morgan Freeman) tells Noah’s wife, who questions the lunacy of building an ark, that when you wish for something, like a closer family, He doesn’t just, poof, give you what you ask for – but instead, gives you the opportunity to get it. So I think, in wishing for “no drama” I was, instead, given the opportunity to see the dramas in my life (that I realize now will occur whether I wish for them or not) as an opportunity for better dealing with them. And so, for 2013, I have decided not to make any New Year’s Resolutions…but just resolve to live life more fully, according to God’s Will, today. (Of course I do have dreams and goals and plans for the coming year – but I will remain focused on the next 24 hours!) BTW, had a blast with my husband and lots of friends New Year’s Eve! Happy New Year everyone!!


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