The Popularity of The Bible

bible tvThe following and magnitude of viewers who watched the Bible Miniseries that  ended with its finale Easter Sunday on the History Channel is a stunning example, I believe, of how the Bible is more popular than most people probably thought. As an author of modern-day Bible stories, I am extremely encouraged by this good news! Mark Burnett’s “The Bible” miniseries concluded this past Sunday  with strong ratings, attracting 11.7 million viewers. “The Bible” miniseries’ great success resulted in the History Channel being  the top cable network, both in total viewership and with adults ages 25 to 54,  for the month of March. The series’ premiere episode had record breaking ratings numbering over 13 million.

Hollywood producers are reportedly responding to America’s interest in  faith-themed programs. The Motion Picture Corporation of America is reportedly producing a $20  million, six-hour miniseries serving as a spinoff of “The Bible,” titled “Jesus  of Nazareth.”  “We believe the audience continues to have a hunger for life- and  faith-affirming films,” Michael Landon Jr., a Christian producer and writer for  “Jesus of Nazareth,” told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview. “The monumental success of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s ‘The Bible’ just  underscores that,” Landon added.

I hope there is a similar “thirst” for Bible-related Christian fiction – not for my recognition or fame – but for God’s glory. It’s taken me a long time to get to this place to say that and not feel “Holy Roller” or ultra religious or falsely humble. It also gives me hope in mankind and faith that I am following God’s calling.


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