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Power of Prayer

st anthony“And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”
– Matt, 21:22

My 22-year-old son Will had just bought his first new car. He was so proud of himself. He lives on his own, works really hard and is also taking summer courses in college to try to finish next spring, and we were proud of him too. About a week later, his car was stolen with his wallet in it. He reported it to the police, the insurance company, etc. and a week passed and nothing turned up. He had to hitch rides or walk to school and work every day and it became exhausting and impossible. When another week passed, he started to give up hope. He was devastated and depressed. He felt like not going on, like dropping out of school, like “what’s the point?”

At that time – a week ago on Wednesday, I was driving into work listening to the Catholic Channel and I heard it was the feast day of St.  Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of lost things. I had forgotten to pray to St. Anthony! I texted Will, emailed my husband, called my parents, prayed to my grandmother in heaven (a big believer) – asking them all to pray to St. Anthony, and I did the same, hoping beyond hope that Will’s car be found. Around lunchtime, I got a text from Will: “They found my car!” Turns out the police found the car (with the robbers in it!) and now Will is back driving to school, after nearly dropping out, and just got an A on his midterm.

Thank you St. Anthony! Thank you God. Miracles do happen if we pray for them!



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