I Resolve…

new year

I have been guilty – especially lately – of being a human DOing instead of a human BEing. A big fan of of New Year’s and its hope and promises, I have also been a big fan of making resolutions. (the Aquarius in me!) This coming year promises to bring so many happy new things (and people!)…the birth of my granddaughter Marley Elizabeth in April and celebrating the graduations of both daughters from high school and two sons from college are a few. Yet, this year for the first time, instead of promising to DO more, I resolve: to BE more grateful, humble and loving; to BE a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, worker, servant; to BE more open to God’s Will and His Blessings. One day at a time, starting Today! Hope you all have a Blessed, Joyful New Year!


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