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Two Ways to Wait

imagesCA8SAVBWWe wait for all sorts of things. Flowers to bloom, the warmth of spring, true love, a new job, acceptance into college, healing, an answer to prayer.  I have been waiting to hear from an agent or editor in hopes they will publish my third book, The Runaway Prophet, a modern-day story of Jonah. I know in my heart that it is God’s Will I continue my journey of writing novels based on Old Testament stories to get His Word across to people today in books they can relate to and enjoy. So why is He making me wait so long to find the right publisher and fulfill my lifelong dream? Perhaps the way I want it to be fulfilled is not His way. Or perhaps He has something bigger planned that I can’t see. Either way I have a choice: I can wait with frustration, anger and doubt. Or I can wait with joy, hope and faith. Patience is not my strong suit. But if I can choose the latter way, I know I can be happier and of more use to others. Charles Stanley says, “no one enjoys waiting…yet the Word of God insists that we learn some of life’s greatest lessons while we wait. God plans to use the long pauses in our lies for our blessing…if we let Him.” He says the five major reward of waiting are: 1. Discovering God’s will and purpose; 2. Receiving supernatural physical energy and strength; 3. Winning battles; 4. Seeing the fulfillment of our faith; 5. Seeing God working on our behalf. Gardening is a good example: when we plant seeds we have to wait for the rain and sun to do their work before they grow. If we grew impatient and dug up the seeds, we would ruin the garden. I waited four long years for one plant in my house a friend gave me to finally bloom – but the flowers are extraordinary!



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You gotta love Jonah!

whaleOk, maybe I’m biased since I wrote my next soon-to-be-published novel, “The Runaway Prophet” based on the Book of Jonah! (Like my other two novels, it’s a modern-day story full of intrigue, drama and a little romance – ok, had to add a little to keep it interesting, and who’s to say Jonah didn’t meet a lady friend along the way?) Today’s Mass readings were based on Jonah, who was a prophet sent to warn the great and sinful city of Nineveh to repent. And they did…and God listened and saved them. Even Jesus quotes Jonah today in the New Testament. The thing I like best about Jonah is that he was rebellious at first (like me!) but finally gave in to God’s will – and was redeemed along with Nineveh! There’s so much more than the whale to the story. So while you’re waiting for my novel…pick up the Bible, it’s a great story!

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