God’s Not Dead!

gods not deadSaw this gem of a movie over the weekend about a college student whose aetheist professor makes him defend his position that God’s not dead. At the end the movie challenges everyone to spread the word by texting others, “God’s Not Dead.” Now it was 10:30 Sunday night when my husband and I finished watching the movie – not an ideal time to text my friends and family – which is why I’m blogging it now. Over the weekend I also heard from a friend in the military that he feels like more and more young people are being taught, and buying into the culture, both that America is bad (too capitalistic, too powerful), and that there can’t be an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God with so much evil in the world. I’m sad to say that a few of my kids’ college and high school teachers have professed these, and at times my own kids have bought into this stuff even though I raised them to believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (and for that matter, to be proud they’re Americans!). I hope to get my kids to watch this movie…and when it comes out, the new movie “America.” Thank God courageous writers are putting this stuff out there! I stand united with them as an inspirational fiction writer and realize we have to keep putting our work out there no matter how unpopular it seems to be. I believe America is beautiful – and God’s Not Dead! If you believe, share this message with your friends and family (and watch the movie, you’ll love it!)


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