Hearing God…

woodpecker I tried meditating for five minutes one morning recently. I was reading in the Bible how David meditated on God’s Word and I decided to do the same. Of course I’ve heard many times how prayer is how we speak to God, and meditation is how we can hear Him speak back to us. And I’ve tried it many times and realized it truly works. But then…I’m late for work, I’m not feeling well, I have an early appointment, etc. etc. And I forget. This particular morning I woke up energized with plenty of time to get where I needed to go. So I sat quietly, looking out the back window of my bedroom which overlooks the woods. And then I saw it…a dash of light coming from the trees, like a signal. I stared and saw a flash of red. And then I listened and I heard it. A tapping, knocking sound, and I realized it was a woodpecker in my tree. I wondered what God was trying to tell me. And then I knew. I have been praying for guidance in my endeavors to get my novels, The Faithful One and The Peace Maker, modern-day Bible stories based respectively on Job and David –  out there to the world. The answer I heard from Him – by steadily, consistently, chipping way at my goals one peck at a time. The woodpecker can eventually knock down an oak tree, one peck at a time. Depending on the size, it may take hours, days, weeks, a year. But it will happen – if God wills it. I believe God speaks to us in so many ways – we just have to be still enough, quiet enough – for Him to get our attention and for us to hear Him. What I heard and wanted to share with you – keep chipping away – that tree will fall!


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