Respect Life…

marley 6 mos October is Respect Life month (and yesterday was Respect Life Sunday). As a woman I respect a woman’s choice when it comes to her body…I have had one or two male doctors who tried to tell me I wouldn’t feel pain (when I did!) and ignored what I knew to be true and I paid the price. But I also know what it’s like to lose a child through miscarriage – and I have an even greater respect for the fact that a human embryo, even weeks or days old, is a human life who doesn’t have a choice, but should still be considered a child of God. I also have a new baby in my life – my granddaughter Marley Elizabeth who will be six months old tomorrow! And I can’t imagine what life would be like now without her. In my novel, “The Peace Maker” the US President talks his daughter into having an abortion out of his jealousy and hatred for her husband, his son-in-law, who he sees as a threat (like Saul feels about David in the Bible’s First Book of Samuel on which the book is based). I deal with the pro-life/pro-choice issue in the novel and of course, my views come out.  Fortunately I have received mostly good reviews! I attended the Cecil County Pregnancy Center’s Annual Banquet this past week and heard  a song that brought me to tears called “Unborn.” In it, Caitlin Jane sings “…your choice is all I have. Your voice my only chance. Please keep me…” Powerful. To listen, visit Caitlin’s website:…and dare to help spread the word…women need to choose life.


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