Answered Prayer…

BIRD I went to a fabulous retreat with Johnette Bencovic (Women of Grace, EWTN) this past weekend in Delaware. It was pouring down rain and cold outside, but inside quite warm with fellowship, prayer and a good message about how women can make a difference. I got to thinking, however, how I could have been a better mother, especially to my middle child and second son who seems to still be angry about how he was raised. Instead of wallowing in my guilt, I chose to pray for him – he’s an adult now and has a God (and I’m not Him/Her!) – I prayed hard for God to please break through the walls around his heart and let him know he is loved. And lo and behold, I got a text later in the day from that same son saying how much he loved me and how I’ve been a really good mom!! Wow. Sometimes I fret over how my dreams aren’t coming true fast enough even though I pray hard about them too…but this kind of answered prayer was even better. And even after I received my son’s text, I doubted it somewhat, thinking (as mothers often do), ‘what does he want?’ But then I realized that would be like giving back a gift. And I remembered, as it assures us in the Bible,  “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” – Matt 21:22  Sometimes, “wow” is a prayer in itself!


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