Winter wonders…

winter  Took the dog for a walk this afternoon as the sun started to set. It was quiet, not many people out on a cold, winter day. The kind of quiet that only winter brings. I could hear only the crunch of snow under my feet. The kind of quiet and cold that get your attention. I started out the week, the day, bemoaning winter – this is officially the last day of Christmas, time to take down the decorations, enter “ordinary time,” and I’m not too fond of the cold in general. (And my football lost the playoffs yesterday and are done). But there was something magical as I walked and admired the snowy landscape, the soft,  subtle pinks, purples, grays and browns, and the cold actually felt…refreshing. So I thanked God for my health as a I walked, (my poor husband lay sick in bed) and the warm house that awaited me (while many do not have even that), and the fact that with each day now it will get a little lighter, and for the 354 days that stretch ahead of me this year, “ordinary” days that can be filled with good times, joy, fun, laughter, love, fulfilling my purpose, getting closer to God – and most of all for getting my attention. “He says ‘Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10). I just need to listen and be grateful and all will be well. Happy Winter!



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