Lord, Humble Me

jesus_washfeet   I got my feet washed last night at our church’s Holy Thursday mass last night and let me tell you one thing…it was very humbling. It was the first time I ever experienced it. My husband was one of the “volunteers” when he went through the RCIA program four years ago and I remember him saying how humbling it was. I signed up because I have really been trying to “walk the walk” the best I can as a disciple this Lent and Easter week and wanted to experience as much as I could. As the deacon washed my feet all I could think was how simply, through this act, Jesus showed us how to serve others and how often I fall short in so many ways. I often struggle with my pride and all the various forms of it – and know that humility, through putting my ego aside, learning and doing God’s Will, serving others and building the Kingdom, is the only way to true  peace. And isn’t peace – freedom from stress, worry, fear, anxiety – what we are all seeking? Jesus said,  “My peace I give to you, not as the world gives…” Lord, help me turn off the “world” for the next few days…and even though it’s hard, keep humbling me.



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2 responses to “Lord, Humble Me

  1. Well said Michele, you’re really getting there!

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