Don’t Look the Other Way

world   World peace. Something that a beauty queen used to throw out as a pat answer during the Miss America pageant when asked ‘what will you work for if crowned?’ while the rest of us viewers at home would snicker. Something that we still pray for in church – but feel like we’re just saying the words. Something, today, that may be a more precarious issue that ever before with ISIS on the rampage. Perhaps with an upcoming trip to Italy planned with my husband to celebrate our fifth anniversary – and hearing about the latest threats against Rome by ISIS, not to mention the hundreds of refugees who drowned from a capsized boat yesterday off the coast of Italy, many  trying to flee from ISIS  – my thoughts turn from myself to the world. Perhaps it’s because I watched the TV show “A.D.” last night, about how Jesus told the disciples to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15). Or maybe it’s because I am finishing my next book, The Runaway Prophet, a modern-day novel based on the Book of Jonah, in which Islamic State terrorists invade Las Vegas (the new Nineveh). I have always been fascinated by the Middle East, since it is where civilization and religion all started. But what can I, a middle-aged, working American woman, do to help? I know fear isn’t the answer. So prayer comes to mind. Real, heartfelt prayer for world peace. Because our lives – and the lives of our children and grandchildren – depend on it.



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4 responses to “Don’t Look the Other Way

  1. Carol Connelly

    Watching the news , any day of the week, can be terrifying. Prayer seem to be the only answer. God bless. Hugs,Carol


    • Hi Carol,
      It’s gotten to the point where I find it difficult to watch the news – but I know I can’t ignore it either. Thanks for reading my blog and for your response and prayers! Hugs to you,


  2. Nancy Williams

    Thank you, Michele, for another thoughtful and timely message. Lewes Presbyterian has, also, decided that the time of looking on in horror as ISIS slaughters Christians and others while we wring our hands has passed. Not only are we praying individually, we are working on a prayer vigil, hoping to open it to the community. We will also be supporting an aide agency that reaches out to refugees fleeing the madness. I encourage all to come together in pray to support these people in such great need, with such great faith!

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    • Dear Nancy,
      Thank you so much for your response! It’s great to hear about your prayers and efforts…please send me info and/or link to the agency you mentioned so I can help too. And please continue to stay in touch!


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