Surrender instead of Stress!

surrender I am going through a difficult struggle right now, despite all the blessings in my life, which involves the mistake of another that may cost me thousands of dollars and possibly delay a dream on my horizon. I have gotten angry at the person who made the mistake, I have tried to fix it (and am still awaiting the outcome of whether it can be fixed, which lies in another person’s hands), I have stressed and worried and lost sleep over it…and finally, finally, I am trying to surrender it and have faith that God has a plan and miracles do happen every day. I’m not sure if the outcome I want is God’s Will (although I pray it is); what I do know, from past experience, is that I can’t afford to continue to be angry or worry while I wait for an answer – the situation is out of my control and I need to have faith that all will be well.  I have learned these lessons before…they started with recovery and working the 12 step program. I don’t think this much money has been on the line before…but I do know God has worked wonders in my life, even financially, before.  In the Gospel, after the rich man left dejected because he could not sell all he owned and give the money to the poor to follow Jesus, and the disciples asked who, then, could possibly be saved, Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26) Lord, help me to remember this today.


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