Thanks and praise…even when it’s tough.


I am deeply grateful that an issue which I was struggling over (and wrote about right here on this blog exactly three weeks ago) was resolved after much prayer (and relinquishing of stress!) Talking to my spiritual advisor (my priest) helped, venting to my close friends helped, even yoga helped – but most of all you readers helped. The blog about going through my struggle – which involved the mistake of another that looked like it would cost me about $20,000 and possibly delay a dream I have on my horizon which I was really angry and anxious about – received the most response ever from you…you said to hold onto my faith, to keep praying, to surrender to God’s Will, to be thankful and give praise even during and through those dark days. And you know what? You were right. I truly believe that because I kept trying to be thankful and give God praise (which forced me to surrender my anger and anxiety) I let go of expectations and only then, received a positive answer. (turns out that I tried a different way to approach the situation, apologized for yelling at the person who made the mistake and forgave them, and kept praying!) Sometimes, I know, we still don’t get the answer we’re looking for, and in a heartbeat, the positive can turn negative, a happy day can turn sad, another obstacle is thrown our way. But I believe that if we keep thanking and praising God NO MATTER WHAT, knowing that He’s got us in the palm of His hand NO MATTER WHAT, all will be well and we can be reasonably happy and joyful. Surely there has been at least one time in your life that God has answered your prayer? So if you’ve received a blessing, if you’re still waiting, hoping and praying for one, or even if you are in the “valley” and feel like your prayer has gone unanswered, please pray with me, “I will bless the LORD at all times, His praise will ever be on my lips…I sought the LORD, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.” (Ps 34:1-4). Thank You.




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2 responses to “Thanks and praise…even when it’s tough.

  1. Well said Michele. Keep on keeping on.


  2. Karen Clark

    Hi Michelle

    I truly believe that we have to be grateful to God for the good and the bad. It’s difficult, but when I’m struggling with something my prayer is please God let me learn the lesson I’m supposed to learn from this painful situation. I’ve also learned to pray for people who “push my buttons”.

    I’m happy to hear that your situation has resolved itself. I love being on your mailing list. You inspire me.


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