Perseverance Pays Off…

PerseveranceI am now working on the sixth (seventh?) edit on my latest novel, The Runaway Prophet, and it seems that it will never be finished. I so hoped it would come out in time for Christmas. I actually hoped it would be published a year and a half ago when I finished writing it. Patience (as I’ve probably said in blogs before) is not one of my virtues. But, my editor says, it will be so much better if you make these character and plot changes…all you have to do is rewrite the first 50 pages. All?! I know deep down she’s right. But it’s so very hard. Luckily the perfectionist me outweighs the impatient me and I sit down at my laptop. I’ll confess I get sidetracked by “Cyber Monday”  online Christmas shopping, Facebook holiday posts and the like,  delaying the inevitable.  But I’m almost done and then it will be a time of waiting for months until the finished book finally arrives in stores…maybe this is how the people in the old days felt waiting for a Savior. Each year as the Christmas season seems to start earlier and stretch longer,  Advent even seems to be a long time to wait for Christmas. But just as I know my book will be all the better if I persevere in making the changes, I know that if we persevere in making changes in our hearts – growing our faith, forgiveness, hope and love during this time, it will be all the sweeter when He arrives! I believe perseverance is persistence and patience combined, and God rewards those who persevere. “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” – James 1:12 Happy Advent!



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2 responses to “Perseverance Pays Off…

  1. Kim

    very good advice and I’m personally going to remember this holiday season: “persevere in making changes in our hearts – growing our faith, forgiveness, hope and love”


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