Scary and Exciting!

quote-if-your-goal-isn-t-scary-and-exciting-then-it-s-not-a-big-enough-goal-for-you-bob-proctor-81-2-0214I’ve been finding myself saying things are getting “scary and exciting” a lot lately…my book coming out, going to the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville this week to “pitch” my book into a movie and make good connections, moving toward getting my novels on the New York Times Bestseller List, etc. etc. I also found myself saying, the more you know and do, the more you have to know and do. In other words, the more work, the more work. Which is also scary and exciting! I guess the bottom line is the closer we feel we get to realizing our dreams and fulfilling our potential (and living God’s Will) the further we see we have to go. But when my heart starts beating fast and my schedule begins overloading and I get that feeling of being overwhelmed, I remind myself I need to consider the alternative…not moving closer means staying stuck and “faith without works is dead.” And I also realize I need to remember “with God all things are possible,” and to take things “one day at a time.” All of these quotes are paraphrases for wise words in the Bible given to us by God. And that’s the real bottom line for me when things get scary and exciting; I need to make more time for God and for reading His Word, not less, because I will need His help, His providence, His favor if I am to keep meeting life’s challenges and putting one foot in front of the other. Take a deep breath with me…breathe in faith and breathe out fear. Again. That’s it. Now I need to go schedule a time-out with God. I’m sure it will pay off!


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