Vote in Faith, not Fear

new-election-day-2016jpg“I don’t want to vote for either candidate, they both scare me.” If we had a dollar for every person who said that to us about tomorrow’s US presidential election, we’d all have pocketfuls of spending money. Some people are choosing not to vote at all. Some are voting for the “lesser of two evils” but still fear the outcome. But I believe not only should all Americans vote tomorrow, they should do so in faith that the candidate they choose will lead our country into a brighter tomorrow. Now I’m usually an optimist, but even I got sucked into that fear cycle for a while…up until the last few days when I decided to be positive about the election and simply vote for the candidate I believe stands the way I stand on the issues: in my case, for the right to life vs. right to choose, for legal immigration (and banning illegal immigration, or anything illegal for that matter), for upholding law and order by fully supporting our police and military, for working to obliterate the evil force that is ISIS, and for helping people get jobs so that they feel they have purpose and are contributing to society instead of just taking from it. Forget the personalities (every person is a sinner, even and perhaps especially politicians who have some of the biggest egos). And no matter who wins and who loses tomorrow, we must then have faith that God has a plan for that leader who is chosen, for America, and for each of us, no matter what. Yes, He gave us free will, and yes that will is faulty. But God will always be there for us. Look at the story of Saul and David in the First Book of Samuel (on which my newly republished novel, The Peace Maker, is based). It’s a fascinating, exciting plot in which Saul is originally chosen by the people to be King, but fails miserably; the prophet Samuel then chooses David to follow Saul as King, and the people love him. But Saul, full of anger, jealousy and resentment, doesn’t step down without a fight, chasing David into the hills to try to kill him. Of course David does eventually become King, but not without a lot of struggles and challenges. And even he makes some huge mistakes. Does it all work out in the end? Of course, because David begets the royal line that leads to Jesus. But the story is a prime example that nothing in our human world is ever easy or perfect…we must live with our choices, but have faith that God will save all of us in the end, as long as we choose to follow His Will each day to the best of our abilities. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jer 19:11) I pray we all leave our fears at the door as we walk into the voting booths tomorrow, confident all we be well.



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2 responses to “Vote in Faith, not Fear

  1. Paula Efird

    Well said! I hope your candidate wins. 😀


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