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Perfect in Our Imperfections

Finally far enough away from the Christmas frenzy where I second guessed myself several times on what gifts I had gotten, removed from the failed attempts to fulfill New Year’s resolutions of losing weight and working out more (hard to do when you’re sick on the couch) and on my way out of the winter doldrums (it’s almost February!), I feel like I can assess my goals, appreciate how far I’ve come and renew my faith that God has indeed chosen me to write contemporary novels based on His stories in the Old Testament.

You see, I question that calling occasionally – when I’m in the “valley” and my dream of being a full-time author and speaker isn’t being realized fast enough (to pay the bills at least). And with my doubts comes the voice of the enemy in my ear, whispering “who do you think you are that God would choose you to write these books?” and “maybe you should re-focus on something else since this isn’t working too well,” and “you’re just being selfish in pursuing your desires.”  When I’m on the mountaintop of confidence and faith (alright, it’s still January so perhaps the hilltop!) instead of down in the valley of self-pity, I see the true source -what I’d call ego in reverse or false humility – and I can say “get behind me Satan” and keep on doing the next right thing.

After all, God chose Moses, speech impediment and all, to be His prophet to the Israelites, leading them through the desert for forty years no less! He chose Paul, not a very well-liked guy by any means, to preach to the Gentiles. And He led Mary and Joseph to a manger where animals lived for the birth of His Son. We learn from those stories that God chooses us too with all of our imperfections (for me it’s usually impatience, competitiveness and sometimes even arrogance) to use us to complete His perfect plans, turning our defects into assets (like drive, determination and boldness respectively in my case).

While singing in church yesterday, I remembered something I had heard recently about how we should be joyful and enthusiastic in our praise and worship, and sang with all of my heart, soul and voice (and fortunately we sang songs I knew and loved!) I probably didn’t sound as great to others as I sounded in my own ears, but I think God appreciated the effort!

I believe God put my dreams on my heart and as long as my motives are pure, He will work through me, imperfections and all, to achieve His perfect will. After all, that is His promise! “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” (Prov. 16:3)




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Author Interview: Michele Chynoweth — Toni Shiloh

Hi to all of my blog readers…this week I’d like to share another blog post from a fellow author friend of mine, Toni Shiloh, who is the President of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) of VA and a book reviewer…Toni was gracious enough to review my book, The Runaway Prophet, and interview me today! Thanks to all of my loyal followers…here’s a little more about me and the book (things you may not know but wanted to ask!) – Michele

(from Toni): Happy Monday! I’m kicking off the week with an interview with Michele Chynoweth, author of The Runaway Prophet. I think you’ll like this modern-day tale of Jonah. Let’s find out more! About the Book The Blurb: “From the author of the best-selling novels The Faithful Oneand The Peace Maker comes another captivating modern-day Bible story that will grip you and […]

via Author Interview: Michele Chynoweth — Toni Shiloh

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No Ordinary Time…

This is the time of year where I think a lot of us feel like crawling back under the covers and letting the world spin without us. If we’re not fortunate enough to be on some luxury cruise in a tropical climate, many of us are living in the dead of winter…and when you’re sick things are just that much worse. Add to that taking down the Christmas tree (sigh) and the present seems a little bleak…and it’s tough to look ahead to the future. It’s also the time the Church calls “ordinary time.”

But I think this is the exact time when we need to be spiritual warriors…to put on our “armor” of Christ and to march boldly ahead to pursue God’s will and purpose He has placed on our hearts, to not give up, to be extraordinary. Recently I’ve tried meditating, spending time with God when I’m feeling down, and I believe He’s spoken to me, saying “get up and dust yourself off and get out there and continue what I started in you.” I also believe I heard Him say, “forget the mistakes and failures of the past year or even yesterday (in other words get over myself), be obedient (take responsibility for my choices and actions) and carry out my calling…and if you do it for me, I will help you bring it to pass.” Wow. I need to forget about my setbacks and frustrations and stop complaining my dreams aren’t happening fast enough and most importantly, BELIEVE that all things are possible with God. Oh, and add to that I need to be grateful for everything I am and have right here and now before I can accept more blessings.

So during this ordinary time…when we just heard readings in Mass of how God spoke to Samuel, calling Him to be a prophet (it took three tries on God’s part but luckily Samuel knew who it was the third time thanks to his elder, Eli), and how Jesus called his apostles, (asking them, ‘What are you looking for?’) we can rest assured this is no ordinary time, God is calling us to suit up and show up ready for battle (against the enemy, Satan, who tries to keep us down through self-pity and sloth), to take action, and to march ahead to claim His victory and experience our rewards. I pray we all have the faith, willingness and courage to be extraordinary today!


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